it’s so hot! what to wear?

What do you put small children in during the hottest days of the year!? It’s tricky mainly because it’s not just plain hot… it’s changeable and is cool in the morning, baking in the afternoon, a bit chilly in the shade and blah blah blah. So normally I go for short sleeves and hoodies. But today it was just hot. I picked both kids up from the Childminder’s this evening and they were just sweating! Well thankfully for us we have an Amazing Fashion House (uhem, Tescos) nearby. So today the kid’s wardrobe got a mini spruce up, after all the two days of summer may end after tomorrow!

Some sleeveless tops for AJ and canvas-y type shorts (can you spy the mischevious little foot trying to get in on my display?) to keep it all light and breezy.

Resulting in two new cute outfits… 

And how about Lolo? I’m normally a dress w shorts or MC hammer pants  and t-shirt mum. Today I bought her her first proper pair of shorts. Very pretty

Making a lovely outfit

and because we live in a green house and Lolo is a particularly hot kid I also picked up some light weight pyjamas



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