1y 2m: cot to bed

I remember with Lolo, we started practicing having her sleep in her bed, rather than her cot, quite early. It’s a completely different experience from a cot of course because a) they can’t escape, so letting them cry out is easier, b) they have nothing to play with whereas in bed they can get out and play with everything and c) i seem to remember there was a sense of safety about the cot, it took her a while to get used to the freedom. Of course you also need to stop them rolling out in the middle of the night. With Lolo we started at about 1.5 years because AJ was coming and i wanted her to not resent him kicking her out of her cot. This time round i thought I’d get him a bit more used to falling asleep in a bed because it takes so long to do and because we’re getting into a siper cute habit in the evenings of Lolo, AJ and mummy all chilling in the bed together before bedtime and ONE DAY I’d like us all to snooze together.

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