15 month Update AJ teeth n chat

It’s been ages since we’ve had an pdate. AJ is developing well. These last two months we’ve had a lot of baby talk. Not just aimless babble. He’ll point at something and say ‘look’ or sounds to that effect. It definitely sounds more like ‘look’ now. There’s a specific noise for aeroplane, tree, Yaryot for his sister. ‘Boo’ for ball and similar for balloon. yesterday hubby was showing photos to AJ and asking, ‘where is…’ his sister, mummy, daddy etc. And he would point and say ‘there!’ So cute. Along with the language development I have, just this week been trying out instructions and to my shock he’s completely been carrying them out! Instructions such as, ‘please take the socks to the wash basket’, ‘Please put the paper in the bin”, ‘please take your cup to daddy’. Its fantastic! So easy to forget how fast they learn things and how they are more capable then we give them credit for. 

Last point are his teeth. He waited ages and then got 6 all at the same time; the front 4 on the top and the front 2 on the bottom. He’s looked like a hamster for ages. Well, at last, after about 4 months, he’s getting another 5 at the same time. 4 of his molars and 1 of the front bottom teeth he’s bend missing. This is great. I whole bunch of new food experiences for him. And he loves his food anyway. I feel an adventure coming on. 

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