1y4m: From sac to duvette!

Who really knows when it’s the right time to do certain things with your kids. AJ’s been drinking Actimel out of the pots on his own without spilling for the last month, but I know much older kids that still struggle with drinking out of normal cups. It’s just one of those things where he was unwell and instead of drugs I gave him pro-biotics and good bacteria. He learned to drink from an open topped cup by default. Same with most things, needs must and different things happen at different times.

I find I difficult to remember when certain things happened for Lolo. I do however remember her hitting a time when she was younger, when she just refused to stay in her sleep sac. She’d stretch out of it, pop the poppers, I’d find her quite chilly in the mornings, not that she’d notice. Just us. So this time, one night when I walked in to check on AJ as I could hear he wasn’t sleeping, and he handed me his sleep sac, I decided to take the hint. On one hand you want to keep them in a sleep sac for as long as possible as you think they have no self awareness when they’re little and they’ll; suffocate under it, tie themselves up in knots, push it to the end of the bed and freeze. But as with all these things they need to learn. So I let it go. I took the hint. And I swapped him to a duvet cover there and then. And you know what happened? He started sleeping longer in the mornings. I have no understanding as to what on earth’s really changed, but all I can tell you is that since we swapped earlier this week, he no longer wakes at 5.45am as he’s been doing these last few months, he’s been up with his sister at 6.45am or sleeping even later! The duvet is much warmer than the sleep sac and I think he was starting to feel quite restricted by the sac. Especially when he got himself toward the top of the sac, you know where the shoulders strain because they’re about to burst out? Who knows eh? You’ll be glad to hear he’s not suffocated or frozen to death. Good times.

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