1y4m: Baby talk

Friggin love it. Love when they start talking. You know they’re saying something because there’s context to it and from that you start to understand the words they’re forming. The blinders we had this last week were ‘thank you’ (although I suspect it’s ‘ta’), ‘please’, we’ve also had ‘look’ as he points, ‘there’ and one of my favorites, ‘I did that’. ‘Mi!’, is ‘milk’ at the moment. He does a lot of ‘wow’ which fills me w joy, every time he gets something he likes, which seems to be often. 

It’s just wonderful and a sign of progress. Of course it feels like it’s a long time coming but if I think about it, he’s only a year and 4 months. It’s crazy how fast they learn stuff. What amazes me most, back to the original point, is that the words are used correctly and in context. I’m amazed their little brains don’t explode. First they need to try to understand the word they hear, figure out when it’s appropriate to use and then remember both that and the sound it makes in order to repeat it. And of course the words aren’t fully formed yet but as you see them start to appear, it’s like magic!

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