1y4m & 3y5m: getting ready in the mornings

I remember when Lolo was little. The thought of needing to sort her out singlehandedly in the mornings before work, filled me w dread. How the hell are you supposed to get out on time? How are you supposed to get out at all?! During Mat leave it’s easier in a way. You can always have a shower and get ready during their morning nap. When they’re 1 and you’re going to work, you need to wash yourself and get dressed. In the meantime you have a baby who in our case could walk, didn’t yet understand the concept of dangerous and so you almost needed to create a safe environment, by the shower where you could see them and wash. Juuust manageable except you leave clothing them to the last minute so they don’t throw up on you, or themselves or soil a nappy just as you’re walking out the door. As they get older it’s a bit easier. 

Fast forward 1 year and there’s a newborn which constantly needs help and a 2 year old who’s just figuring out how to put certain items of clothing on herself. This was a mission. Really happy I was on mat leave as getting out of the house, including the tantrums from both as neither particularly enjoyed getting in the pram so I could drop Lolo off at the child minder’s, was tough. I won’t say it was hideous, but I will admit it was super stressful.

Thank God things change. We’re at 1 and 3 now, and Lolo has started getting dressed herself. It’s a God send. I still tend to shower with them in the bathroom so I can see what manner of no good they’re up to. But they seem to occupy themselves nicely. Lolo, I’m comfortable if she’s roaming around the house but AJ, I like him nearby as his awareness ain’t so good yet. He tends to play with the grippy dots (like mini bath mats) that I stick to the side of the bath. It leaves just enough time for me to wash myself and my hair without too much stress. We then all go have an Aptimel and a cracker. Then as I go change AJ, Lolo gets herself dressed. She even puts on her own shoes, which have a buckle! Very proud. Then off we go to the car. 

There is hope 🙂

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