3y5m: Nothing to do in cold weather!

Last weekend I really felt the cold. And it was a Saturday. We were home and tired, thinking we’d have a chilled day. But, with it being cold, it was doubtful we’d go anywhere fun outside like the park. I suggested swimming – but who wants to be wet AND cold?! I couldn’t face a day in-front of the TV, with the kids getting irritated and cabin fever-y. I have been thinking recently that I should make more of an effort with them anyway. I know 3 languages but we only speak English at home because it requires pro-activity on my behalf, but really I should try to do something with all their energy and brain power.

Last weekend was the start of something awesome I hope. We kept the TV off and started the morning by playing decorate the jar – if you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived! Then at 9am we went to a taster rugby lesson. She smashed that tackle bag and did well at the running. It’s basically a chance for them to learn how to listen, gain some confidence, learn how to score a try and get to grips with the oddness that is the egg. Then afterwards we went to check out a ballet class as she keeps coming home wanting to show me her ballet! Who knows where from, Peppa Pig? Either way I have chosen to take this moment by the scruff! The class we came to watch briefly was ending… but the next class was about to start and it was for her age! So she did 30 mins of ballet for Pre-Primary kids. Fab listening of the teacher, co-ordinated motor skills and memory. Awesome. Rugby and ballet. It’s all to play for. We’ll check-in in 20 years time. We also went to the local farm in the afternoon for the apple picking. We missed the picking but we did have lots of fun seeing the animals and Lolo even got a chance to turn an apple press! Busy weekend.

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