1y4m & 3y5m: This half-term madness

What to do with this half-term madness!? I have a week off with the kids and no hubby (he had 2 weeks going solo with the kids over the summer, so don’t feel too sorry for me!). It can actually be a little bit tough with a 1 and a 3 year old, mainly because the 3 year old is good but still learning, the 1 year old is very much into darting off, so going out with them as the only adult can be quite tricky unless you’re in a contained area. It’s also an odd time because a lot of kids’ regular activities close over the holidays.

Monday we chilled and had grandma over all day. That didn’t stop me having to carry little AJ on my hip for most of it! Then today we went to the Circus would you believe. It was an hour long special designed specifically for kids. They loved it! They saw spiderman (uhem, possibly a middle-aged man who was a bit tired and struggled to get up into position, fun to watch though!) Then there were the ‘Russians’ who did fancy stuff with bouncing balls and big wire frames. The folks from the orient were hilarious – not an oriental among them. Easy for me to pick holes in it of course. But as I said, the kids loved it, as did we, but for slightly different reasons. Can’t go too wrong for £6 though.

Tomorrow we’ll be meeting with a friend, possibly a shopping trip in the afternoon. Thursday, off to see a friend in West London and then another out in Essex…

and just like that.

The week was gone.

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