bye bye 2016

So here it is, 2017. Last year was phenomenal for many reasons including Brexit and Trump winning in the US. But 2016 finished on a high for us too.

Lolo started rugby and ballet last September. She’s doing well and I think loves having stuff to do on a Saturday morning. AJ has yet to pick up a weekly activity although he does like to participate in Lolo’s rugby class too. AJ is starting to say things like; door, balloon, moon, hippo, turtle, bum bum, car and getting good at his phonetic alphabet. He can also point to his nose, eyes, chin, teeth, hands, feet etc. All v exciting. Lolo managed to spell out her whole name by herself, which, for a name w 9 letters, I’m also v proud of. 

So lots of wonderful developments. However the year ended w AJ having a fractured arm. Worst thing being we have no idea how. He also had D&V and chronic (!!!!) nappy rash, sores and all. Lolo also had D&V but no nappy rash… due to no nappy. Hurray! I know kids are supposed to get ill but this was all a bit silly. All a bit much in one go, concertina’d to the end of the year. 

2017, we’re looking for a fresh start. So off to Strawberry Hill we go!

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