3.5… chewing gum, taking drugs

So. I chew gum. I do. I chew gum a lot. Why? I chew it pretty much after every meal as I don’t like the way my mouth and teeth feel after eating. It feels like my teeth are being eroded. Am I right? Who knows. All I can tell you is I’m in my 30s and I have no fillings… for now!

So it’s no surprise that Lolo sees me chewing gum and constantly pretends to be chewing it. I’ve caught her a couple of times w it in her pocket… well yesterday hubby caught her sneakily chewing some actual gum. She’s 3.5 years old!!! What do you do?! Do you scold her, tell her it is terrible?! Or do you try to mediate the situation? Is it more worrying that she’s chewing gum? Or that she’s hiding it from us?

Daddy decided he would let her chew gum and take the opportunity to talk to her about it, and advise that she should only chew it in front of mummy and daddy as she could swallow it, which wouldn’t be ideal. It’s more valuable to us that she is open w us and feels she can share experiences w us rather than hiding this from us. You can only hope that some how this trust also manifests itself into making the right decisions in the future. God this parenting stuff is hard. 

Don’t get me wrong. It totally puts my nose out of joint that she chewed gum. But I totally agree w hubby’s decision. 

Everyday’s a school day. 

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