1y9m: into his own bed

Everyone chooses different times to move their babies into their own bed. W Lolo, we moved her around 1y9months because we needed her to get used to sleeping in her own bed well before the baby arrived. We didn’t want to create any resentment that the baby had kicked her out. So she got her own single and the fun of putting her down whilst she was still awake begun. It didn’t take long for her to settle tbh. Maybe a week?

Next up, is AJ. I’ve been wondering what our signal would be that he was ready. Since before Christmas I’ve been having naps w him or letting him fall asleep in a normal bed, no reason why I couldn’t test the waters. When he’s been having naps during the day in a normal bed, the oddest thing happens. When he’s ready, he wakes up, no crying, leaves the room he’s in, conscientiously closes the door behind him and makes his way to the living room to find us. Often, whith a massive smile on his face and a toy. So the sleeping in a bed thing seems to suit him well. 

Then there was this Saturday morning. Both hubby and I were a bit perplexed to see Lolo walk in to our room …. followed by an Aj! So daddy asked AJ to show him how he’d done it. The action was reconstructed. It was hairy. Little man was dicing w death a bit. So this weekend we made the decision to drop the side of the cot. Last night went very well I’m happy to report. No falling out of the bed (we have a foam lip added under the mattress cover), 2 smiling kids (as they both sleep in the same room) and no disturbance. I’m sure we’ll get a few bumps when they’re ill or going through big developmental spurts, but it’s good. Very good. 

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