1y9m: My little canines

They have started to arrive at last! His teeth have grown in a bit of a mixed manner. Mostly in 4s. Whichever 2 are growing from the top, their respective 2 will start growing from the bottom soon enough. But then he had this random bottom tooth at the front that refused to grow. So much so he got 4 of his molars, but still no little tooth. Slowly but surely, under the cover of darkness, it popped out. Super shy.

And so I have been waiting for the rest of them to come. I thought the final 4 molars would come out first and then the canines, but no. Here are 2 little mountains hidden away. I can’t remember how fast the others took to come out, but it seems like in a week has gone by and they’re almost fully emerged. Only 6 more to go. Hurrah!

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