1y9m: Pee pee in the potty

Yes – this is exactly what my life has come to. Forget the clients asking for their big, consolidated campaigns for the year. For the discussions around digital and whether or not it is a thing or just something that permeates seamlessly into the way we live today. Is innovation this wondrous thing we all believe – or in fact the single largest cause of growing unemployment? Will Brexit really kill our economy and suddenly make everything crazy expensive as people start pulling out of the UK and demand rises for our staple goods as people decide to trade with us less? These are the issues I battle with on a daily – if not hourly basis.

But when my son sat on the potty and peed for the 1st time in his life – I was like… ‘say WHAAAAT!’ *crazy emojis*, *grandma’s puking rainbows*, *gif fireworks*, *pug wearing the coolest unicorn outfit ever*…. and *a couple of dancing cats*.

He is 1 year and 9 months (she proudly puffs). He has an older sister (3y 10 months) and the potty has always been around. Whenever they get into the bath, Lolo goes for a wee before hand. AJ has seen her do this often and sometimes has indicated he would also rather like to urinate (‘wee-wee’, point to potty). So a few times we’ve given him a go. Well, by gum this weekend, he said it, and nature responded! Thankfully daddy was on hand to make sure his winkle was pointing in the right direction. But he sat down, ‘wee-wee’d’ and then got in the bath. There was a decent amount there too. So super proud. We’ll continue encouraging him of course, but there’s no rush. Little amazing milestone – check. Super proud mummy – double check!

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