3y10m: Its not about the ballet 

Lolo had her first ever ballet peformance last weekend. Too cute. She’s been going to classes for months now. The teacher told us there was a performance coming up in April. I didn’t give it a second thought. ‘Sure, why not!’. Love a bit of show biz. She’s almost 4, thought she’d find it fun. It’s worth mentioning she goes to rugby and ballet on Saturday mornings, mainly as I wanted to stop her sitting at home watching TV, i wanted her to go out, enjoy group sports, socialize and enjoy life! We were quite surprised when we got to the first ever class as the teacher said, ‘see how she gets on and if she’s ok, you can leave the room after 5 mins’. What?! Leave the room? Take eyes off my child?! She’s only 3! (Hyperventilate hyperventilate). But Lolo, unlike mummy, just got on with it. she came out of the class a very happy bunny. 

And so we got a note from the ballet class about the performance. Hair in a bun. Mascara. Red lipstick.

 I was ready to keel over. Mascara? And RED lipstick? I don’t even wear red lipstick. I have one stick bought for my birthday a few years ago and there was no way she was getting that!

Performance day arrived and we decided to let her enjoy herself rather than worry about it. We got her a bun spong thingy. I brushed her hair, put it in a bun, covered it in hairspray and hair grips. Then came the make up. Why not enjoy it. I put blusher on her cheeks. Mascara on her already long lashes (shiiii! Where d’you get these from girl?!). And we got her her very own red lipstick. She was beyond excited. I then made her even happier by putting the lipstick in her bag as I dropped her off at the stage door, so she could be responsible and look after it. 

Half my height, perfectly quiffed, armed with red lipstick. I left her at the backstage door. She gave me a kiss good bye and was beyond excited to get into the theatre leaving mummy and daddy outside… a bit lost. But we were also very proud of her. She had the self confidence to go off on her own, into an auditorium full of people, all of whom were older than her… beaming. Happy. Content. And totally unscared. Did she have any friends there i wondered? I just didn’t want her to be alone or left out. My heart broke just thinking about it. But i wasn’t interested in projecting my worries on her, she portrayed none of them. My sweet girl. So proud!

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