What Mum did on her day off

I’ll set the scene. I’m married. I’ve got kids. 4 and a 2 year old. I work 5 days a week. Most of my money goes on childcare, which is the equivalent of 2 mortgages. I help run a church committee and subsequent events. When I have a holiday, it’s w the whole family in tow. The last day I had off I ran around like a headless chicken trying to squeeze as much as I could into the day. That of course included, but was not limited to: going through all of the kid’s clothes,/toys/books- pile to donate, pile for friends and another pile to… ‘file’; cleaned the house top to bottom, wrapped more presents and sorted more cards, managed a 20min work out, cooked dinner, threaded my brows.

Sound familiar? None of this is done at a normal pace of course. I’m like a race hound racing to the deadline. A day off is not relaxing. As you might know, as a parent you have no time for yourself, and even if you get a day off, you end up doing things for the family.

But today: I’ve no event to plan, all presents are wrapped, Christmas cards sent, house reasonably clean, kids delivered to the childminder. WHAT TO DO WITH MY DAY OFF???!!!!! I’m not used to it and I don’t know what to fill it with!!! Ahahahahaha. I still have a nativity play to go to at 2pm (obvs, every day off comes w a catch) but at 8.40am, I got myself on the DLR and set off into town.

The playlist that started off my morning:

  1. All I want for Christmas (old Mariah… it is almost Christmas after all)
  2. If I’m lucky (Jason Derulo)
  3. How deep is your love (Calvin Harris)
  4. Harder than you think (Public Enema – get the reference?!) – thanks Will Woodhams
  5. Gloria (Patti Smith)
  6. Paradise (MNEK)
  7. Tight pants (Iggy and the stooges)

  1. BTSTU (Jai Paul- if you don’t know, now you know)
  2. Unforgettable (French Montana)
  3. Bad boys for life (Black Rob, Mark Curry & P Diddy/Diddy Puff/Diddy Pop-Pop)
  4. Baltimore (Nina Simone

10am. Breakfast: Balan’s: old Crompton Street involves a hot cup of mocha, fresh OJ, eggs Benedict (these people do it w LOBSTER!!! Avocado and bacon. Almost fell off my chair. Amazing) and breakfast potatoes.

Now I’m going surgically remove my phone(s) from my hands and move onto the next thing. After all. Only 1 hour 30mins til I have to travel back for the play! Ahahahahaha

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