What Mum did on her day off, part 2

So. The story of yesterday continues. Once momma bear finished up her amazing High Society Eggs Benedict breakfast @Balans (thank you always for your hospitality and good food) the decision was made to go the the Royal Academy of Arts. On the way did a little Christmas shopping, got a cold person a coffee (guilt from my extravagant breakfast I’m sure) and made my way to the From Life exhibition, which was short but sweet.

Phones off.

Ear phones out.

Total consumption.

@Iggypop life drawing was pretty epic.

Think I’ve found a new artist I really like, @JennySaville. Raw. Beautiful. Wonderfully talented:

This guy was called @JonathonYeo. The realism captured on the facial details is beyond amazing:

And finally @LianeLang. It’s been a long while since I’ve been surprised by art. When the penny dropped I was excited and very happy. I had to talk to someone!

then the res of my day was filled w a nativity play, clothes washing (I had to fit some domestic-like chores in) and going out in Bethnal Green for my Christmas do! My day finished at 2am. Not a bad effort I’d say.

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