What Mum did next

So imagine this. The day before I made bold moves to do some of the things I loved. I ate some great food, looked up some art, saw my daughter in her first ever play, downloaded some music, went out for a boogy and drank gin. The day after however was a little less… motivated. The big blessing was that the kids were w the grandparents as hubby had to work late AND had an early start. So I got to sleep-in til 10!!!!! TEN!!!!!! Wow. It felt like 2 in the afternoon when I woke up. Ha! Silence in the house. Cheeky snooze. A bit of a fuzzy head, but you’d expect that, but no pounding headache.

I had planned for big things. Instead I fell into my more traditional ways. Cleaning up, taking dry washing down/ wet washing up. ‘I’ll just…’ tidy the house/sort some church bits out/email and text every living being in my contacts, oh – and update my blog. Anyway, 3pm arrived. I knew what I really wanted to do. I wanted to paint. Like, oil paint. Like, a portrait of hubby I’d started about 12 years ago! It was time to actually do something w it. I’d been putting it off for well, 12 years. Ha! After the awesome portrait exhibition the day before, it all felt a bit do or die! It’s difficult to paint a portrait of the man you love. If you do a bad job then they look rubbish and it’s all a horrible mess. If you do a good job then all is well. I’d managed to get the face to a goodish place but it still wasn’t quite there. My general style is quite big and bold, but portraits are a bit different, I was trying to be subtle (never a strength). I kept reminding myself to paint what was there, not what I thought should be there.

Anyhoo. A couple of hours in and I was being brutal. Colours I’d never normally use and really highlighting shapes and shadows.

It still has a way to go but it was a good start and most importantly I enjoyed it. The best moment was when my daughter looked at it and asked, ‘who’s that?’ Would have preferred some sought of recognition, I’ve gotta be honest, but at least she asked who and not what. Let us reconvene in another 12 years when the kids are a bit older and I can build up the guts to try again.

Btw I write this whilst sat in my broken down car in the middle of the A12. Come on @theaa, where are you? Wish me luck!

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