Holy golden rabbit pooh! naps & reading

It’s been an amazing few months.

Lolo started school in September. My friend had told me that once they start school they learn to read. I mean obviously, but she assured me that it happened almost as soon as they started school. I wasn’t convinced. How can you go from not reading at all, not even knowing the phonic sounds (we taught he normal A, b, c, d… who knew it was wrong! Argh!) to suddenly reading? Well she has. The lovely Lolo, now 4 and a half years old has started reading! Our initial phases included her learning the sounds and rhymes that go with them. Over Christmas we spent an eternity (about an 1 hour) going over her key word cards. Short words she would sound out and then blend together to get the word. It made sense to us that repetition would mean she’d get used to the sounds, grow more confident practicing them and ultimately start recognising different words. We started this all initially in September but she wasn’t ready yet. She hates it when she finds something difficult and then really resists trying. It was SUCH a struggle that it became counter productive. It would seem the 1st 3 months with her teachers have given her just enough knowledge to now make it a little easier for us to start practicing together. She’s read a book each of the last 2 evenings. Short books with sentences like, ‘Zac, sit Zac’. But she’s smashing it out of the park! Clever girl.

The other amazing thing involves Ell & I getting our evenings back. Its actually revolutionary. AJ has been falling asleep later and later. His average go to bed time recently has been 9.45pm and that’s not just because of Christmas. True story. It’s been a killer because of course you have no free time to yourself or with your partner, at all. Literally since the summer, when the sun was still up at 10.30pm, he’s just been going to bed late. We tried to encourage him to sleep in but that never really worked. However instead, since about September he’s been getting up once/twice a night, every night with – I hate to say it (mainly as I’m not sure I believe in them), night terrors. So he wakes up early, has a 2 hour nap during the day from about 1-3pm and then barges through the day until 9.45pm! Its been exhausting. So the decision was made that we’d start the slightly painful process of dropping his daytime nap. Since the beginning of the year AJ has been encouraged not to go for a nap and it’s working wonders. He’s still up to his night time shenanigans however at least we have an evening to ourselves from around 8/8.30pm. Not a huge shift, but enough to not feel like we work, come home, look after the kids and all go to bed. It’s a relief to be honest. Almost a physical weight off my shoulders, despite not realising there was one there before. It feels like a mile stone has been reached. I can highly recommend it. Its why I’m writing the blog this evening. In fact its 9.30. I think we’ll watch a film now.

And there you have it. Lolo starting to read at 4.5 and AJ dropping his lunchtime nap at 2.5. 2 fantastic developments happening at the same time. As rare as holy golden rabbit pooh.

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