Whipping it out

AJ has potty trained since Christmas. I.e. for 2 months, he’s 2 and a half years old. To my knowledge he’s always practiced peeing sitting down. Last week we were out and about in a playground and he needed to go. So off went the trousers. But I then wasn’t quite sure what to do with him so I made him squat as I used to do w his sister. Oddly he went stiff as a board (probably because it was Baltic outside). Not very easy to hold as you can imagine. After 3 attempts of me trying to get him into the right position, him wriggling, him slipping down my arms, me loosing my grip whilst almost pissing myself w laughter…. he finally got into position and peed without getting his trainers.

Well today. For the first time I’d ever seen…, he peed standing up. The part that didn’t help was when he stopped in the middle of a wooded area in front of random people, whipped his pants down, put his hips forward and peed right there in the middle of the floor! I’m surprised and impressed at the same time, whilst being confused and a bit upset by his laddish behaviour.

All the while… giggling that it’s a bit cute!

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