Going on Holiday: Top tips on what & how to pack

Truth is there are lots of different things you can pack for your holidays and it all depends on where you’re going. In our case we are on a long old road trip from London, up and through Scotland and back down again with a 3 & a 5 year old. We’re at the end of August which isn’t summer up here, it’s more the start of Autumn. So in our instance we packed:

  • Smidge spray
  • (should have bought…) Skin so soft, again for midges
  • 2 pairs of wellies for the kids: so when they drown their feet in icy water you have time to dry one pair off whilst they wear the other
  • Wellie socks, for warmth
  • Waterproof boots for the adults, personally, cold feet are something I hate. So I new just a pair of trainers wouldn’t cut it for this holiday. I originally went for cheap walking boots, hated them and returned them. Thought about wellies as tall wet grass also gets you wet on walks, but wanted something a bit more comfortable and stylish, so ended up with these: Toggi Canyon Riding Boot. They are warm and so far have been waterproof even when submerged up to half my calf!
  • Rain coats! It rains here most of the days, but it’s still not too cold, so with rain coats, you can just embrace it – and this is coming from someone who hates the cold!
  • Waterproof trousers/dungarees, truth is that when my son chose to sit down and flail around in a stream, nothing was really going to keep him dry, but for most other times this is great
  • 2 sets of spare thick jumpers, for keeping warm under the Macs!
  • Overnight emergency: last year we packed a bed in a bag as well. At the age of 2, we weren’t always sure what places would provide for us for a 3 year old and sometimes it wasn’t great, so we packed the bed in the bag for emergencies. Coz a bad night’s sleep is rubbish!

For the car it’s also important to pack:

  • A rubbish bag! Very important. Travelling at 70 mph for 4 hours… where will that stinky banana skin go? Just do it!
  • Kid’s entertainment, whatever that may be (although see yesterday’s post re trying to reduce screen time on long journeys)
  • Wet wipes AND normal tissue, I hate to say it, but let’s help the environment when we can and use normal tissue which biodegrades for whatever we can. Normal wet/baby wipes don’t really disintegrate due to the plastic in them, so that emergency poop little Johnny needed will end up leaving a permanent poop wipe on display for a long time to come. But I also understand there are times when you need a wet wipe to hand.
  • Pack snacks for the journey. After all that eco chat, unfortunately most snacks don’t really come in eco friendly wrappers but you can mix it up if you like. We do Nairns cheese crackers, Nak’d bars, juice boxes etc but also apples, bananas, Cherrios…
  • Pack containers! For example: haven’t finished your toast but need to leave? Chuck it in a container for the car, saves the car getting messy. Same with portions of cherrios. Same applies for drinks. I love these for in the car consumption! And these for water bottles.

On how to pack: I’m a bit of an over thinker probably when it comes to packing BUT what I find is a little prep goes a long way:

  • A night bag packed somewhere easy to access: prep a night bag, whether you arrive late or not, you take out 1 bag and everyone is sorted for bedtime. We’ve done this 2 years in a row and it’s such a hassle saver, instead of rifling through everyone’s bags when you’re tired! Toothbrushes, night light (you’ll be in unfamiliar places, sometimes in the pitch dark – the night light is a big help esp. for the littluns if they want to go for a pee in the middle of the night), waterproof bedsheets & nappies if needed, pyjamas.
  • Big shopping bags. We have ended up using big recyclable shopping bags for everyone. Just pack! Easier than zipping and sorting each time.
  • A bag each: unsurprisingly we packed a bag per person.
  • The wet and dirty boots bag: Wellies & crocs etc all in one place
  • Electronics bag: all cables, wires, phone and tooth brush chargers as well as cameras, laptops etc. Just makes it so much easier to find it all.
  • Random-stuff-you’d-wish-you’d-taken-but-forgot bag: map, picnic rug, umbrella etc
  • Aaaand the laundry bag: coz stuff just gets dirty


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