This is a no-holds-barred, personal account of the run up to my 1st child and beyond. I’ve not necessarily been a lover of kids from the start of my life either so its all an interesting discovery for me. I also think that my decision to have children is not all that defines me, but WOW does it take up a lot of my time and discourse now. 

Hmmm… so who am I? A loaded question for many females in this day and age.

I am a normal working female living in London. I would class myself as career focused and sometimes I like to be excessive & extravagant because there may not be another opportunity. I think life and death are very evident around us and some day I too shall be off. With that in mind, why not go the extra mile and try something new and be open minded even if its a little scary, what’s the worst that can happen? Just to contradict all of this I am also a big believer of habit, saving, logic and being sensible in my day to day life… but very passionate in amongst it all as well. I’m a massive ‘driver’ with touches of laziness, if I don’t ‘drive’ most of the time I become overwhelmingly lethargic and that leads to depression. Hence, I’m normally very busy.

I’m not sure what really ‘defines’ a person. I think people just like to put others in boxes because it helps them to understand ‘what it is’ and assigned boxes help us feel we understand the rules of engagement better. For example, a woman with a shaved head who is not a lesbian, does not have AIDs, is not buddhist… REALLY confuses people. Trust me, I know.

I’m fiercely independent, but am married and have been in a relationship since 2000, in May 2013 we’re expecting our 1st child. I’m moving from my ‘normal’ life, where everything so far has been about me/my husband/our friends, to a whole new chapter. I didn’t grow up around young kids or babies and maybe because of this I’ve never really liked them or known what to do with them. Probably because of this or decision at last to have a child was unexpected for many, but natural for us. One thing being pregnant has taught me rather unexpectedly is not to be ‘driver’ all of the time, I have started to take things in my stride… ooo, what to do with this new life skill! 🙂

These are a collection of thoughts from a female who’s life is being redirected a bit. Going from ‘when couples have kids, why is it all they talk about!?’, to… ‘oh dear, I’ve just spent the last 2 hours discussing my pregnancy with someone’. Its completely involuntary, I swear!

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  1. The most important Tip I have for you is to listen to your body…..The most important Tip I have for your husband is for him to listen to you this period….you are both doing great …..congrats….Say hi to Captain…

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