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Going on Holiday: Top tips on what & how to pack

Truth is there are lots of different things you can pack for your holidays and it all depends on where you’re going. In our case we are on a long old road trip from London, up and through Scotland and … Continue reading

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What Mum did on her day off

I’ll set the scene. I’m married. I’ve got kids. 4 and a 2 year old. I work 5 days a week. Most of my money goes on childcare, which is the equivalent of 2 mortgages. I help run a church … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mushroom Risotto, easy

This is quite easy to make but it takes a bit of time. If you’re making for 4 or 6, you can just cook it up (in a flat pan) but I discovered recently when making risotto for 20 people, … Continue reading

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My Favourite Weaning Things

Weaning is so interesting because it’s all about the children growing up, developing and exploring new tastes. But of course if is also often coupled with super messiness, constant cleaning/washing/preparing. Personally I did a little pureeing but mainly it was … Continue reading

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Dear self: Things to remember as they grown up: Mother’s day

Dear future me. It was mother’s day this weekend. We had a lovely time. A very chilled start to the day. It’s always lovely when the littlest one falls asleep for a nap with the first breastfeed, I can steal … Continue reading

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7 months: Sucker

Great news today. AJ has finally figured out how to suck on an Ella’s pouch. Result! This means less faff with the pouches when we use them and the endless possibilities of a straw! It also means that other than … Continue reading

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2 & a half years and 5 months: CenterParcs, Weaning, Christening & Halloween

Both Lolo and AJ hit a milestone the middle of this month. Lolo became 2 and a half and AJ became 5 months old. Lolo. She had a little gathering for Halloween. We played find the pumpkin (tangerines with faces … Continue reading

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