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Mild success

AJ recognised the painting as daddy. It’s not finished but at least it seems to be moving in the right direction. Apparently he looks a bit evil and ill… and like Freddy Mercury. Ahahahahaha

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What Mum did next

So imagine this. The day before I made bold moves to do some of the things I loved. I ate some great food, looked up some art, saw my daughter in her first ever play, downloaded some music, went out … Continue reading

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Keeping kids busy: Urban Butterflies

Yup. Cut slits in fruit and add wings. I used foiled paper.

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Awesome bank holiday

It’s been an awesome bank holiday so far and it all started on Friday. The change in weather has of course greatly helped us get out of the house to do more stuff. We had our tyres changed Friday morning … Continue reading

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2y10m & 9m: Peppa Pig world!! The truth and the tips

Oh yes. We did it. Yesterday. There and back in one day. Picture the scene, war heroes, returning from their war at dusk. Physically exhausted, beaten, hungry, bags under their eyes, cold, muddy, tired… Fairy Peppa Pig mini plush toy, … Continue reading

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