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Day 313: My first Mother’s Day and our 1st – 1st Birthday Party

This weekend has been pretty spectacular and generally lovely. Friday night, drinks at a neighbours’, one that can make you 2 gin and tonics that you feel in the morning… and I thought I was being GOOD! Saturday we had … Continue reading

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Day 260: Happy Birthday Daddy & Lo-Lo’s 1st night away

And so it is daddy’s birthday today. 23 again. We started yesterday by going to Canteen at the royal festival hall. Great place for Lo-Lo as we had a booth, she could stand on the bench/seats and it all felt … Continue reading

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Day 152: The work dilemma

I wanted to discuss a more serious topic today on this, Lo-Lo’s 5 month birthday and my 200th post- the work dilemma. Bottom line is having kids is disruptive, no matter how much you want and love them. Both parties, … Continue reading

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Day 77: 11 weeks today

I just can’t believe that I gave birth to you 11 weeks ago today. This has been the longest time of my life… it feels like you have been in our lives forever. Yet at the same time, 11 weeks … Continue reading

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