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The first 8 weeks of Number 2

This aims to capture a few developments and thoughts around these first 8 weeks of AJ’s life. Lolo’s been doing brilliantly with him so far. So proud of her, kissing AJ and being super gentle with him. She sat on … Continue reading

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#2 is 3 weeks old: what they don’t tell you about the first few days

The first few days of having a new born are such a mess of emotion, exhaustion and new information that you kind of forget about it all. We’re in week 3 and its already so very different. When you’re pregnant … Continue reading

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A brand new baby: 1 week and 4 days old…. Childbirth and Contractions

We had a baby boy 1 week and 4 days ago! Baby AJ… a bouncing baby boy born 2.42pm on Thursday 18th June 2015, 7lb 7 ounces. We were expecting a girl so this really was a surprise. For those … Continue reading

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Day 207: Jet-Lag & 11h 40m flight to Cali with Lo-Lo

The good news is it wasn’t murder… I think we may have been lucky.¬†Lo-Lo’s schedule was VERY¬†roughly the same as it was at home (normal schedule being naps at 9am, 12, 5pm, sleep around 8.30pm) but she just woke up … Continue reading

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Day 199: And there was much squeaking

So this morning I popped Lo-Lo on her front, on her play-mat, safely, with a few toys and I went for a shower. It was a short shower, it always is. But you do worry. You figure it’s this moment … Continue reading

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Day 184: Fan fair please

Happy 6 month birthday Lo-Lo. You made it this far and we haven’t broken you yet which is lucky as your warranty runs out today. Yesterday we made it out to Bristol. We saw aunty Jessica for her birthday, Uncle … Continue reading

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Day 133: I want to eat my baby!

‘She’s so cute I want to eat her!’ ‘Look at those toes!’… toes go into my mouth and I start to mimic eating them. ‘GIVE ME THOSE CHEEKS!’ ‘I’m gonna hug the life out of her!’ Sound familiar? Why do … Continue reading

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