HEALTH: is a big focus for me generally and not just through pregnancy. You don’t need to be a health nut but you should have a balance. Treats are named are called this for a reason and should be regarded as such. But too many people like to see what they can get away with rather than thinking about the consequences and trying to help themselves. That’s of course just the tip of the iceberg, health has many different facets.

EXERCISE: Just before I became pregnant I was cycling to and from work each day (10miles a day), running to work once (5 miles), swimming on Saturdays and maybe a class on Sundays.  Otherwise I did years of kickboxing / karate / yoga / circuit training etc. I wouldn’t consider myself an intense sports person, but I would say middle of the road and regular with which ever sport I picked. So now I find myself wanting to do a lot more, but a little less able (to breath/move/bend etc), my sports during pregnancy involve; walking, swimming, yoga. Sounds a bit boring but as long as I’m moving I don’t really care.

Yoga: Most prenatal yoga classes I find ‘awkward’. This is partly my fault, they do exist but they’re either too far away for me/at the wrong time/part of a longer course etc. So I have opted for a yoga DVD that I can do at home, when I want for the cost of a DVD, equivalent of a class. I think classes are invaluable and will still go for the advice on positions etc, but a DVD just means I’m more likely to do a class a day. Here’s some I’ve reviewed:

SKIN: My skin has done a complete 180 since I became pregnant. For some theirs get’s worse… in a way mine has got better:

  • Before Pregnancy: Oily, prone to breakouts, deep angry spots BUT it did heal very well, blemishes disappeared fast
  • During Pregnancy: Dry, no spots (hurrah! Only took me 30 years and pregnancy to get there), however if I have had a spot the blemishes have stayed and my skin has not healed as well. I still have scars several months after. I’m not sure the cold winter this year as done it any favours either.

Here are some of my thoughts on skin…

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