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1y4m & 3y5m: getting ready in the mornings

I remember when Lolo was little. The thought of needing to sort her out singlehandedly in the mornings before work, filled me w dread. How the hell are you supposed to get out on time? How are you supposed to … Continue reading

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2 kids & the Natural History Museum

So I’ve kind of decided that I need to do a bit more stuff with the kids. There are two now, one is 7 months old with a calm temperament (AJ) and the other is 2 and a half and … Continue reading

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12 weeks: Our first trip as a 4 a.k.a. the art of timings

This weekend we went to see friends near Trowbridge – near Bath. All 4 of us. It is the first time we have all travelled together. I think with Lolo we went to a wedding after the first 3 weeks. … Continue reading

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