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What do you want from your job?

Getting the jitters about going back to work post maternity leave? Well a couple of weeks ago I had my first Keeping In Touch (KIT) day. In my case I went back in and explained what I was looking for … Continue reading

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The female – mother metamorphosis

I’ve been thinking about writing this for years. Literally years. I’m sure I’ll wind-up offending someone, but I gotta write it – so here goes. We as the human race can all endure challenges and life changing events. Yet child … Continue reading

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Day 317: My first holiday without her

I wanted to think of a witty title. I’m off to New York today. On my own,  child free. Jet-setting off to see my sister for a great 6 days away for a one on one hen party. This is … Continue reading

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Day 244: Happy 8 month Birthday, round faces and teeth! 4 to be exact.

Happy Birthday! Of course I know it’s mad that I’m celebrating her months, but it’s all comparative to how long she’s been around for you see? Initially it was weeks, now months and soon it will be years! We have taken one … Continue reading

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Day 123: The thing about Kate

Middleton that is, and all the celebrities who are now on some mission to get stick thin within a second of having a baby is, it’s so unrealistic… and so bad for you! The focus is all wrong. It literally … Continue reading

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Day 105: 15 weeks noise and movement

Today you are 15 weeks already and I have been surprised by 2 new  things today: A noise: I think you’ve been trying out a new noise… like you’re clearing out ure throat/preparing to giggle (that silent giggle as your … Continue reading

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Day 81: Project SkinnySkint

Yes, #SkinnySkint… and I’m going to own this phrase. Definition of: wanting to get skinny whilst being skint (you’d think it would be as easy as just not eating, well it’s not). Technically this phrase can be used in any other … Continue reading

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Day 75: Nippy – update & the difference between doesn’t & shouldn’t

You may remember me writing about my attempt to help heal the sore nips (Day 44). Well it’s been a month and I wanted to report back. A recap of what I did: 1st feed in the morning from both breasts … Continue reading

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