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1y4m: Baby talk

Friggin love it. Love when they start talking. You know they’re saying something because there’s context to it and from that you start to understand the words they’re forming. The blinders we had this last week were ‘thank you’ (although … Continue reading

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2 & a half years and 5 months: CenterParcs, Weaning, Christening & Halloween

Both Lolo and AJ hit a milestone the middle of this month. Lolo became 2 and a half and AJ became 5 months old. Lolo. She had a little gathering for Halloween. We played find the pumpkin (tangerines with faces … Continue reading

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Day 239: Sounds

So she’s almost 8 months and her sounds have been developing. She started off with da-da about 3 weeks ago. The last couple of days we have had an audible ne-ne-ne-ne-ne AND A MEH-MEH-MEH! It even slips into ma-ma sometimes. … Continue reading

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