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Day 255: Free wheelin’

There’s been a lot of this going on: Standing up that is. We went to see the NCT girls today. She was stood holding onto the fireplace guard and then she wasn’t. Rachel and I both squeaked as she was … Continue reading

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Day 123: The thing about Kate

Middleton that is, and all the celebrities who are now on some mission to get stick thin within a second of having a baby is, it’s so unrealistic… and so bad for you! The focus is all wrong. It literally … Continue reading

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Day 122: 4 month itch

Happy 4 month birthday Lo-Lo. Crazy how fast time flies. I’m just watching you have some tummy time and I’m so impressed by far you’ve come even in a couple of weeks. Today signifies a mile stone for me. Although … Continue reading

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Day 40: daddy mummy balance

I may moan and get snappy from lack of sleep. However things could be a lot more challenging. Our few small blessings are that she latches on well, eats, sleeps, takes formula, has no nipple confusion. All these things help … Continue reading

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