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Day 188: Burn baby

Not literally. But last night as I dried Lo-Lo with a hair dryer (medium setting of course) she put her hand out toward the warm heat. She’s done this quite a few more times recently. It’s not been a problem … Continue reading

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Day 108: Hair today

You hear that during pregnancy many different physical changes occur. Not just putting on weight or a change in your skin (in my instance mine got a lot drier). Your hair is meant to get better and not fall out … Continue reading

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My skin has done a complete 180 since I became pregnant. For some theirs get’s worse… in a way mine has got better: Before Pregnancy: Oily, prone to breakouts, deep angry spots BUT it did heal very well, blemishes disappeared … Continue reading

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Body Care & Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I think the big thing during pregnancy is that you go through so many different phases that sometimes it’s really difficult to make the effort. I like simplicity, if it’s simple, easy to do and easy to fit in my … Continue reading

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Skin: The ‘Glow’ During Pregnancy

The Glow. It has been said that I have the ‘glow’. I welcome this comment with open arms… but the reality? There’s a lot you can do to help yourself. I do NOT have the natural glow some mothers develop. … Continue reading

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