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3y5m: oh button button, who’s got the button

I spend ages trying to teach my kids stuff. Some I know they’ll eventually learn on their own, but most stuff i like to give them the opportunity to learn by me showing them. Having learned they can often do … Continue reading

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2 Years 3 months: Mummy’s little helper

It’s a small thing but it’s lovely noting the developmental progress I see in Lolo. She really is more capable than I give her credit for. I just need to remember to give her the opportunity to try and remind … Continue reading

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14 months: Lolo’s development and lazy days

Going back to work after holiday sucks. Badly. I went back on a Friday at least. Most people were either hungover or distracted by the sun so it was a great day to go through my 600 emails and catch … Continue reading

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Day 97: I swear

I keep reading that a child takes in the most information in its entire life in its first year. We read to Lo-Lo, try to help her walk, talk to her and play with her. All the things that you … Continue reading

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