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Holy golden rabbit pooh! naps & reading

It’s been an amazing few months. Lolo started school in September. My friend had told me that once they start school they learn to read. I mean obviously, but she assured me that it happened almost as soon as they … Continue reading

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1y4m: Baby talk

Friggin love it. Love when they start talking. You know they’re saying something because there’s context to it and from that you start to understand the words they’re forming. The blinders we had this last week were ‘thank you’ (although … Continue reading

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15 month Update AJ teeth n chat

It’s been ages since we’ve had an pdate. AJ is developing well. These last two months we’ve had a lot of baby talk. Not just aimless babble. He’ll point at something and say ‘look’ or sounds to that effect. It … Continue reading

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6 Months: Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ on the River….

AJ just turned 6 months a few days ago and what a couple of weeks it has been. We’ve been super lucky having 2 kids that have slept through the night from a young age. AJ has always been a … Continue reading

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2 & a half years and 5 months: CenterParcs, Weaning, Christening & Halloween

Both Lolo and AJ hit a milestone the middle of this month. Lolo became 2 and a half and AJ became 5 months old. Lolo. She had a little gathering for Halloween. We played find the pumpkin (tangerines with faces … Continue reading

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The devil in the box

I can’t lie. the TV is my not-so-secret-weapon. I put it on for Lolo when I need to get something done in the house, when I have to take a shower or even when I just want a bit of … Continue reading

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15.5 months tippy toes and tears

Its been a while peeps but I wanted to give an update on where we are. I’d say it’s probably been in the last 2 months that we’ve seen the biggest developmental leaps. Of couse she’s been developing since day … Continue reading

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