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Day 164: Weaning 3 Baby Rice

Today was the day! So she’s almost 5 and a half months old now and I will say we have started weaning in earnest today. As you know I’ve been trying stuff out with her to get her used to … Continue reading

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Day 143: Weaning 2 & bumps

It’s been a joyous day today. You may know that up til now I’ve been letting Lo-Lo taste fruit and vegetables so the concept of new tastes and eating were not alien to her. Yesterday she tasted banana, apple and … Continue reading

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Day 133: I want to eat my baby!

‘She’s so cute I want to eat her!’ ‘Look at those toes!’… toes go into my mouth and I start to mimic eating them. ‘GIVE ME THOSE CHEEKS!’ ‘I’m gonna hug the life out of her!’ Sound familiar? Why do … Continue reading

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