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9.5 months: Wave if you’re…

AJs been doing lots recently. So proud of him. This week he started waving. A very deliberate wave, twisting his hand at the wrist like the Queen. It fills me with an unusually large amount of glee. The crawling is … Continue reading

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#2: 5 weeks & 4 days

AJ starts rolling onto his side’s in earnest. so from flat on his back to either one of his side’s. he’s had a brilliantly strong neck since day one too as well as pushing himself up on his legs. what … Continue reading

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Day 385: Lo-Lo’s first 99 icecream

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Day 303: Nasty baby firsts

Firsts that might make you uncomfortable. Things that you don’t hear about until after you’ve had a baby. The first time: – They pooh the black tar! – They face plant on a hard surface – They fall off the … Continue reading

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Day 176: Rooibos me up Scotty

Yesterday was a day full of firsts. When we arrived back on Thursday night we had discovered the new high chair that daddy had bought for Lo-Lo. So we used that for the 1st time yesterday. It was great. At … Continue reading

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