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3y10m: Its not about the ballet 

Lolo had her first ever ballet peformance last weekend. Too cute. She’s been going to classes for months now. The teacher told us there was a performance coming up in April. I didn’t give it a second thought. ‘Sure, why … Continue reading

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1y 2m: cot to bed

I remember with Lolo, we started practicing having her sleep in her bed, rather than her cot, quite early. It’s a completely different experience from a cot of course because a) they can’t escape, so letting them cry out is … Continue reading

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8.5months: Crawling to stand!

It’s funny quite how fast kids develop. They figure something out and then within a matter of a day or so, they’re experts. AJ went from really subtle crawling last week to whizzing around wherever he fancies in literally 3 … Continue reading

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Day 333: ALL CHANGE! 11 months and growing

Thursday 17th April 2014 (4 days ago) was Lo-Lo’s 11 month Birthday. HOORAY!!! And what did we do for said Birthday? Well nothing specifically but there was much change. That was her 1st full day at the child minder’s without … Continue reading

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Day 283: Unconditional Love

I was thinking about this last night, about people’s relationships with their parents and how we love our children. That incomparable love. It all started with someone I know who has had multiple children. Apart from being very impressed I … Continue reading

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