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Day 187: The weaning pooh

Let’s lay it on the line. Weaning pooh. You never hear about it until you have a baby and then you hear war stories. It came up the sides. It was horrific. The smell was awful. You’ll never forget your … Continue reading

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Day 186: Demolisher of strawberries (weaning 5)

So since she hit the 6 month mark (all of 2 days ago) we’ve been a bit more liberal with what we have been feeding her. We’ve been dying to feed her all kinds of stuff but you hear that: … Continue reading

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Day 152: The work dilemma

I wanted to discuss a more serious topic today on this, Lo-Lo’s 5 month birthday and my 200th post- the work dilemma. Bottom line is having kids is disruptive, no matter how much you want and love them. Both parties, … Continue reading

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Day 123: The thing about Kate

Middleton that is, and all the celebrities who are now on some mission to get stick thin within a second of having a baby is, it’s so unrealistic… and so bad for you! The focus is all wrong. It literally … Continue reading

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Day 104: Project #SkinnySkint Part 3: Exercise

Success! I have been taking Lo-Lo’s 1st snooze in the morning with her since day dot as I have still been quite tired. Last 2 weeks this has been changing. Today I managed a shower, a work out, breakfast and … Continue reading

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Day 24: The never ending feed

Friday we had a long journey up. I forgot my breastfeeding pillow. Who would have known it would be such a vital piece of equipment. I just could not get comfortable to feed and as it’s still painful it seemed … Continue reading

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Captain’s Log: 3 Days To Go

We have decided to move this today. Hubby took the initiative so the move didn’t end up dragging on (as we started shifting stuff last week) he booked a man with a van this weekend, today at 1pm. By tonight … Continue reading

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Last Week: 38 Weeks Pregnant

I just wanted to summarise last week, my 38th week of being pregnant. I think that week and the 37th were the most challenging of my whole pregnancy both physically and mentally. The 38th week I think I regressed a … Continue reading

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