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14 months: Lolo’s development and lazy days

Going back to work after holiday sucks. Badly. I went back on a Friday at least. Most people were either hungover or distracted by the sun so it was a great day to go through my 600 emails and catch … Continue reading

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Day 407: hands in mouth

She has had her hands in her mouth quite a lot recently. But that’s nothing new. I noticed however that recently it was deliberately on her right hand side. So I dug in and…. found another molar! Yup. Little cherub … Continue reading

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Day 268: 5th Tooth

Like I said, in retrospect! But it’ official. This morning I thought I’d have a look in the ol’ cherub’s mouth in between shark-like snapping and guess what I found? Her 5th tooth. So the clingy phase coupled with a … Continue reading

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