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Going on Holiday: Top tips on what & how to pack

Truth is there are lots of different things you can pack for your holidays and it all depends on where you’re going. In our case we are on a long old road trip from London, up and through Scotland and … Continue reading

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What Mum did on her day off

I’ll set the scene. I’m married. I’ve got kids. 4 and a 2 year old. I work 5 days a week. Most of my money goes on childcare, which is the equivalent of 2 mortgages. I help run a church … Continue reading

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4 years old: 1st dry night of her life – Potty training at night, a different way

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog. Mainly because as Lolo gets older, the mile stones are less pronounced. We’ve mastered the walking, the running, the eating on her own, drinking from an open-topped cup, stringing sentences together… … Continue reading

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My Favourite Weaning Things

Weaning is so interesting because it’s all about the children growing up, developing and exploring new tastes. But of course if is also often coupled with super messiness, constant cleaning/washing/preparing. Personally I did a little pureeing but mainly it was … Continue reading

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2y10m & 9m: Peppa Pig world!! The truth and the tips

Oh yes. We did it. Yesterday. There and back in one day. Picture the scene, war heroes, returning from their war at dusk. Physically exhausted, beaten, hungry, bags under their eyes, cold, muddy, tired… Fairy Peppa Pig mini plush toy, … Continue reading

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Happy 9 months!

Hello Sausage. Happy 9 month birthday today AJ. Here’s what you’re up to these days: Crawling, yay! At last. We had no crawling w Lolo so I’m actually really enjoying this phase and watching you get about. You’re a super … Continue reading

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Dear self: Things to remember as they grown up: Mother’s day

Dear future me. It was mother’s day this weekend. We had a lovely time. A very chilled start to the day. It’s always lovely when the littlest one falls asleep for a nap with the first breastfeed, I can steal … Continue reading

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Question: What applies to two kids as much as it does to one?

Before I had one kid. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then we had Lolo and suddenly everything changed. Then with two kids, I wondered – how do you cope with two kids?! When I was pregnant with our AJ … Continue reading

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All change: 13 months NEW holiday list

I’m giving up on the whole day thing. Since my blog is less daily now it’s quite difficult to keep up with the number of days/I can’t be bothered. I’m going with her rough age now as it’s less abstract. … Continue reading

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