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Day 238: Some basic physics: MILK

Did you know that the hotter something is the faster it cools? Why should we care? Because as a mum you might be constantly making up milk feeds for example. So when I am doing this, the temptation is to … Continue reading

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Day 124: Weaning I

So although Lo-Lo is on breast milk I’m a believer in range of experiences when it comes to food. This we’ve been trying since day dot. By week 3 she had tasted expressed milk, then formula in the evenings and by week 12 … Continue reading

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Day 37: What they don’t tell you about breastfeeding, it’s emotional

So here’s the weird bit about breastfeeding. I think in our society we’re so used to being in control that when something sneaks up on us – we really are surprised, especially if it’s an emotional reaction or chemical change. … Continue reading

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