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Day 323: Blood and snot

I had one of the worst days so far as a mother. My mum and aunt were round and they were looking after Lo-Lo while I cooked Mouskaka. It’s worth mentioning that she has been feeling awful, teething, runny nose, … Continue reading

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Day 152: The work dilemma

I wanted to discuss a more serious topic today on this, Lo-Lo’s 5 month birthday and my 200th post- the work dilemma. Bottom line is having kids is disruptive, no matter how much you want and love them. Both parties, … Continue reading

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Day 59: shall i compare me…?

This is my 101st post. Pretty exciting, didn’t realise I had so much to natter on about. Today’s post is about how easy it is to compare yourself to other mothers. Hubby is great, but me? Well I guess it’s … Continue reading

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