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8m: First crawl

Some people will be expecting AJ to be crawling confidently when I say he’s started crawling. The reality is much more subtle more subtle and beautiful than that. He’s been pushing himself backwards ‘on the move’ for the last two … Continue reading

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Dy 280: Update, weekend, walking, blah

Hello sports fans. Good weekend? We had a pretty great one having friends over for dinner both Friday and Saturday. Daddy was unwell Thursday and Friday so although he was ill in bed for most of it it still felt … Continue reading

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Day 240: The clapping butt shuffle!

Today she proved to me that her co-ordination is getting better. Lo-Lo clapped! Palms open, facing each other, clapping! I am chuffed. She then decided she wanted to move out of the little house jiisan built for her and proceeded … Continue reading

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