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Day 146: 21 today

Weeks of course. You’re just under 8kg and you’re wearing 6-9 month clothing. Last week’s swimming lesson saw you go under water for 3 seconds and you came up without much fussing. You have 4 naps a day (9am-10am, 12-2pm, … Continue reading

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Day 112: Mummy’s little War Lord

Today you have reached the dizzying heights of 16 weeks. I watch you play on your mat this morning after an early rise of 6.30am and I am quite impressed with how tall you are, how beautiful you are and … Continue reading

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Day 110: She rolls, she rolls

This last week we’ve actually been having regular tummy time. It’s bizarre but after just one week you’ve noticeably improved how well you hold your head up… you went from hating being on your tummy to leaning on your elbows … Continue reading

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Day 95: The importance of being Low-Low

Here are my 3 thoughts on how to make a baby go down for naps during the day, knowing when to do it and how to give mummy some free time. My mother-in-law, from the start would pick up Lo-Lo … Continue reading

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Day 66: new babies and mummy outfits

You can’t escape it. Once you’ve had a baby it’s a real effort to dress up nicely. Why? – Your baby is likely to puke on you. Puke shows up on most materials and smells funky – Most of your … Continue reading

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Day 40: daddy mummy balance

I may moan and get snappy from lack of sleep. However things could be a lot more challenging. Our few small blessings are that she latches on well, eats, sleeps, takes formula, has no nipple confusion. All these things help … Continue reading

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