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Day 309: New shoes!

On Tuesday, 2 days ago, we went into Blackheath. We were with the NCT girls: Katy and Rachel with their babies: Scotty & Lawrie respectively. I knew there was some kind of shoe shop there and it turned out to … Continue reading

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Day 162: Sitting pretty

  So this week we saw some of the NCT mums, some we had not seen for ages and some were the regulars. It was great to see who was doing what, some were leaps and bounds beyond the rest, … Continue reading

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Day 30: NCT Reunion and Dummies

So today we had our reunion with the NCT folks, all couples + NCT teacher Michelle. I’m sure some people would prefer to go to someone else’s house rather than have the hassle of hosting. I’m sadly one of those … Continue reading

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Look After Your Teeth During Pregnancy

No news yet. Baby does feel a lot lower generally. Yesterday was an epic day though. 4 out of 4 on my pregnancy routine. On top of that I had an hour long walk, entertained my mum and my aunt … Continue reading

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Why Pay The Extra For NCT Classes: Our Recommendation Michelle Bramham

‘Those NCT Nazis’, I promise you. However distasteful the phrase, it has been used to describe some of the NCT class instructors that different people have experienced over many, many years. Maybe my group got very lucky or maybe things … Continue reading

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Julie Adam Prenatal Yoga & Active Birthing Sessions

So, there are many DVD’s/pamphlets and sources of information out there on child birth and the run up to child birth. I find great value in actually being able to speak with someone to get the human perspective. I also … Continue reading

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Glossary: What’s all this ‘NCT / Hypno-birthing / Active birthing’ stuff all about?

Pregnancy is something you can coast through without too much thought. Yes we get morning sickness, pelvic pain, can suddenly taste what the next door neighbours had for lunch, there are many experiences over 9 months. But labour!? Well that’s … Continue reading

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