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40 weeks + 2: Babies are like balls

Men’s balls that is, when they cycle. Apparently due to the bashing they get during cycling they tend to go into hibernation only to peek out once the coast is clear of the crazy sadistic saddle. Generating a type of … Continue reading

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39 weeks: Zombie legs

OK so call them restless legs or legs that need to keep moving. I had it 1st time when I was pregnant with Lolo and I have it again with number 2. I don’t think its 100% restless legs (see … Continue reading

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Day 251: Is God female?

Ignore for the moment whether or not you’re a believer. Male or female? What do you think? Hubby chatted with me about this yesterday.  ‘Well if she were female she wouldn’t have given women periods or childbirth.’ True I thought. … Continue reading

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Day 108: Hair today

You hear that during pregnancy many different physical changes occur. Not just putting on weight or a change in your skin (in my instance mine got a lot drier). Your hair is meant to get better and not fall out … Continue reading

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At 38 Weeks

The gecko begins to look more like an alligator

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My skin has done a complete 180 since I became pregnant. For some theirs get’s worse… in a way mine has got better: Before Pregnancy: Oily, prone to breakouts, deep angry spots BUT it did heal very well, blemishes disappeared … Continue reading

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Skin: The ‘Glow’ During Pregnancy

The Glow. It has been said that I have the ‘glow’. I welcome this comment with open arms… but the reality? There’s a lot you can do to help yourself. I do NOT have the natural glow some mothers develop. … Continue reading

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Prenatal Yoga With Tara Lee

Why yoga? I really wanted to stay active during pregnancy, however I think now is a time to take things a bit slower, enjoy your pregnancy as much as you can and to ‘connect’ with your baby. I have another prenatal … Continue reading

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Gaining Baby Weight

Today I discovered that I’ve put on 12.5 kgs, at 36 weeks and 2 days, that’s not bad. I’d been advised that anything between 10 and 15 kgs is fine. I reached the 10kg mark at 20 weeks, so I’m … Continue reading

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I have been SO restless, waiting for my last day of work to come. Tired of the tube ride in, walking, working, talking to people who seem to have no perspective, pretending ‘God you’re massive’ isn’t offensive coming from anyone … Continue reading

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