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Holy golden rabbit pooh! naps & reading

It’s been an amazing few months. Lolo started school in September. My friend had told me that once they start school they learn to read. I mean obviously, but she assured me that it happened almost as soon as they … Continue reading

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2016 New Years: Pledge

My New Year’s resolutions on paper: To read every evening. I know I have two kids and it’s knackering but I know I can squeeze in at least 10mins a night especially IF I cut out some TV Walk Lolo … Continue reading

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Day 285: Reading

Amazing, she’s been thumbing through the board books

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Day 97: I swear

I keep reading that a child takes in the most information in its entire life in its first year. We read to Lo-Lo, try to help her walk, talk to her and play with her. All the things that you … Continue reading

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