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Gosh darn it I love the Stylist sometimes. Issue 308 had a great article in it from 9th March (yes this is how long it has taken me to read it). Being a stay at home mum these days, despite … Continue reading

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What a lovely weekend! Potty too

Good morning Tuesday! Hope we’re all loving the British summer. We’ve all had a great start to the day, with it being half term there’s no traffic on the roads. And this just seems to be a continuation from the … Continue reading

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4 weeks til D-Day: May every day be like today

Today is my very first day of mat leave. If I’m honest, this means I have no tiny knot in my stomach as I anticipate reading all the emails on my blackberry, awaiting the ‘super urgent, you should have done … Continue reading

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Almost 14 months: alcohol

I’m not condoning alcoholism in any way. Especially when you have a baby. Who can afford the calories? However it cannot be denied that a few glasses of wine and/or some beer can sometimes really hit the spot. On holiday … Continue reading

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Day 313: My first Mother’s Day and our 1st – 1st Birthday Party

This weekend has been pretty spectacular and generally lovely. Friday night, drinks at a neighbours’, one that can make you 2 gin and tonics that you feel in the morning… and I thought I was being GOOD! Saturday we had … Continue reading

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Day 250: Co-sleeping

Crickey. Almost 100 days left til your birthday.  Impressive. So, co-sleeping. It’s a touchy subject.  Personally I don’t think people should make a habit of it. Why? Dunno. You may think I’m being a bit Hitler-ish about it but I … Continue reading

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Day 65: and so wedding number 3

Yesterday we had wedding number 3. Well spotted. Lo-Lo has spent a 3rd of her weekends at weddings. By week 12 she’ll be confused by the lack of confetti, frankincense and booze. Yesterday was a success in many ways. We … Continue reading

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