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3.5 months: crying – sleeping in the cot during the day – training

Catchy title – I know. So proud. So yesterday I described a bad day w bubba. On reflection I realized there was a lot that was missed out. My head was thumping and was still full of fog, I don’t … Continue reading

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3.5 Months: This is what a bad day feels like when they cry

Morning nap cut short. Cry. Cry. Cry. Cry. Hug. Calm you down. Feed. You won’t be put down, you need to be held…. time for your lunchtime 2 hour nap. Cry. Cry. I try to calm you down, stop you from crying … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding round 2: The never ending battle

So you may have read about the rather horrible start we had with AJ, but let me recap. He latched on fine his first time. He kept latching on fine but he never really fed. He was getting skinny. My … Continue reading

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Almost 2 years: These light nights and 2 year olds telling the time

Since the clocks have sprung forward you can’t have failed to notice that the day stretches out for much longer. This means two things for my almost 2 year old: – getting up earlier and – going to bed later … Continue reading

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Day 336: Why is leaving them so hard?

Yesterday I had a KIT day- a ‘Keeping In Touch’ day. Personally I think companies should use it to keep in touch midway through maternity leave rather than at the end (it might help mums feel less isolated and encourage … Continue reading

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Day 316: A guide for hubby while I’m away

Today I leave to go see my sister for a mini hen do/bachelorette. Hubby is in charge for a few days so here’s a guide/reminder for while I’m away. General schedule: – 7am up and breakfast with 210ml bottle of … Continue reading

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