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2.5y: Lucky us

Hubby told me in confidence the other day, ‘you know when we were having that ‘heated’ debate?’ I nodded. I was ratty and tired that day. Hubby had Lolo up on the stool at the kitchen counter. ‘Well she found … Continue reading

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Day 403: smash bang duck duck

We are claiming duck duck as Lo-Lo’s first proper word at 13 months. She’s been saying it for a while but last week it was clear, daddy went into the bathroom and she saw the duck and said duck duck. … Continue reading

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Day 106: And we’re thankful for holey blankets

We’re very thankful that we have aerated blankets for Lo-Lo in her cot. Several times we’ve found her muffled or chewing on a blanket. This morning we found her with her blanket wrapped around her head. All the guidelines tell … Continue reading

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