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15 month Update AJ teeth n chat

It’s been ages since we’ve had an pdate. AJ is developing well. These last two months we’ve had a lot of baby talk. Not just aimless babble. He’ll point at something and say ‘look’ or sounds to that effect. It … Continue reading

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Almost 6 Months: Sleeping, weaning, eczema, talking and rolling

Both kids are down. Its 7.30pm on a Monday night. Chicken is in the oven for a bit of grown up dinner. I have made hubby a crimbo meal for lunch. Stuffing balls and everything. I have just had a … Continue reading

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14 months: Lolo’s development and lazy days

Going back to work after holiday sucks. Badly. I went back on a Friday at least. Most people were either hungover or distracted by the sun so it was a great day to go through my 600 emails and catch … Continue reading

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